StuckOnz Lets You Stick Your Phone to Solid Surfaces for Easy Self Portraits


StuckOnz may be the perfect solution for capturing your ideal self portrait without the need to carry around a clunky Selfie Stick. The new project on IndieGoGo aims to provide affordable “nano suction for phones, cases, and tablets”. For $5, you will receive a pad that allows you to stick your gizmos onto many different surfaces to help you get that perfect photograph you are seeking.

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The company behind StuckOnz, Eoseek, notes that while the design of the product may look simple, there are “decades of advanced materials technology” knowledge used in the process. StuckOnz can hold “hundreds of times their own weights” thanks to microscopic suction cups and the product is said not to leave any residue.

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Stuckonz can easily stick to clean, flat, smooth, dry, and non-porous surfaces that include glass, screens, cabinets, tiles, mirrors, and metal. The product can even be removed from a device and then repositioned depending on your needs. Users just remove the included protective liners and apply the credit card sized pad to their phones or tablets (larger devices may require more pads).

The product is said to last anywhere from “many months to years” depending on how well you care and clean each StuckOnz. If you have a device that uses induction charging or NFC, the StuckOnz pad will not affect their functions. Of course, the product can be used for many more scenarios than just self portraits. For more information on StuckOnz, be sure to visit the project’s IndieGoGo page by clicking here.