A Brief History of Gear: Here is a Collection of Camera Commercials from the Past 20 Years


Here’s a collection of camera commercials that have appeared over the past 20 years. No matter your age, there’s probably something here that you’ll remember, and I hope it will bring back a bit of nostalgia. I’ve also selected what I consider the best commercial of them all.

1995: Kodak Gold 35mm Film

1996: Tyco Video Cam

1997: Polaroid One Step Talking Camera

1998: Kodak Advantix

1999: Gameboy Camera

2000: Canon Rebel 2000 35mm Film Camera

2001: Canon PowerShot S110 Elph

2002: Minolta Dimage X

2003: Kodak Easy Share CX7000 Series

2004: Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom

2005: Fujifilm FinePix Z1

2006: Nokia N93 Smartphone

2007: Nikon D80

2008: Nikon D90

2009: Fuji FinePix W1 Dual 10MP Real 3D Digital Camera

2010: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7

2011: Apple iPhone 4s

2012: GoPro HD Hero 2

2013: Sony A7 & Sony A7r

2014: Samsung NX1

2015: Canon EOS 5DS & Canon EOS 5DS R

The Best Camera Commercial of All Time?

In all my research for these camera commercials including the ones that didn’t make the cut for their year, I came across one that stood out by a mile. It chose not to focus on a particular model but on the photographers themselves.

A lifestyle not a product. That is what photography is ultimately about, the experience one has trying to capture the images that are important to them. Through all the ups and downs, the trial end error, the dedication, and the drive; in the end I think every photographer would agree.. It’s always worth it.

Kudos, Kwanon!

About the author: Jordan Lockhart is a photographer based in Manhattan and the man behind CameraPlex, a website with camera news, tips, and articles. This article originally appeared here.