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This Guy Has Taken a Picture of Everything His Right Hand Has Touched For the Past 11 Years



Quite a few lifelogging cameras and services have emerged in the past few years, but one Italian guy in Sweden has been doing it much, much longer than that — and in a strange way, to boot. 36-year-old Alberto Frigo has snapped a photo of every object his right hand has touched for the past 11 years. His project is titled “Images of the artifacts used by the main hand.”

TheJournal.ie reports that Frigo averages about 76 photographs a day, so his project contains over 300,000 photographs so far.


Frigo says he was fascinated for many years with the idea of documenting his life, but he didn’t like the idea of embedded cameras doing the picture-taking. While trying to find a new way to bookmark his life on September 24th, 2003, he started using his left hand to photograph what his right hand was doing, and he hasn’t been able to stop the practice since.

“At this stage, my left hand now naturally photographs my right hand using objects without me really thinking about it,” he tells TheJournal.

His work is being displayed in exhibitions as a large grid of thumbnails with each panel representing a month and each line representing a day.


Here’s a closer, zoomed-in crop of the panel above:


The photographer says he plans on continuing this unique form of lifelogging up until he’s 60 years old in 2040, so he still has about 25 years of left-handed picture taking to go. He hopes to end up with a collection of over 1 million photos that can be combined into a “giant perfect cube containing [his] entire life.”

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Science Gallery