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Depict is a Giant and Gorgeous 4K Digital Frame That Does Photos Justice

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Digital picture frames often steal attention away from the photos they display — the quality and resolution on most displays don’t always do photos justice and end up detracting from the viewing experience. Depict is a new frame that wants to revolutionize the experience of displaying and viewing art digitally.

It’s a giant and beautifully made frame that can display high resolution photographs in 4K.

Physically, the Depict Frame measures 50-inches across diagonally and boasts a native resolution of 3,840×2,160. The border of the frame is handcrafted using American maple, and the border and display are both matte in order to eliminate reflection and allow for a more pleasing aesthetic.



The mount on the back of the frame rotates in 90º smoothly, and the product also comes with a stand that allows for freestanding display in either orientation.



Content shown in the frame is changed wirelessly — once you set it up (there’s a power button on the unit), you’ll never need to touch the frame again. A special Depict app on your phone or computer can be used to change the artwork with just a few taps. There’s an art marketplace managed by Depict, and they’re also working on support for displaying your own art.


The Depict Frame looks like a TV, and its price tag will feel like one too on your wallet. They can be preordered for $1,800 each through the Depict website, and the first units will start shipping out in June 2015.

(H/T Digital Trends)

1 Comment