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Adventure Photographer Andy Mann On His Unconventional Journey Into the World of Photography

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Adventure photographer Andy Mann’s journey into the world of photography has been unconventional in almost every regard. Without any formal training or education in the field, it was a pure love for adventure and photographs that inspired him to pick up a camera.

In the video above, a presentation he gave for B&H, Mann tells his coming of age story, evaluating what it is that has led him to this particular point in his career.


Different in both format and tone to most of the B&H presentations we’ve shared, the 45-minute class is chock full of information and inspiration that Mann has collected throughout his years in the field, and is now passing along to you and yours.

From his early days as a rock-climbing photographer with a 2-megapixel Sony Cybershop, to his more recent series and much more advanced gear, Mann shares a heartfelt version of the journey that has been his career as a professional photographer. Enjoy!

1 Comment