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It’s All In The Name…



Recently, during a period of extreme self-examination (this is pretty much that time of year — is it not?), I set about tackling the age-old question… why ain’t I famous yet? Why am I not in every gallery, museum and private photography collection — when I so obviously deserve to be?

So I set about examining this age-old mystery, dissecting every possible raison de jour. Boundless talent — check; unrivaled originality — check; sheer, unbridled charisma — check, check and check! Stumped as I was, this time I pushed forward — this time, there would be no rest or retreat until I broke through the bonds that would unleash me from my ill-begotten anonymity…

The name! How on earth could I ever achieve photographic stardom with such obvious an impediment, such weighted albatross round yonder neck. As if the first name is not bad enough, I must endure a last name prominently displayed on the rest room door of every Hispanic restaurant in existence! Clearly, I had finally unearthed the very root of my life long dilemma — I needed a name worthy of my photographic pedigree.

First, I have to go by three names, two just don’t make it, and Stanley Joseph Banos certainly does not make it. After several years of closely monitoring the names most often associated with photographic achievement, I hereby present and ask you to vote for my brand spanking new nome de guerre, the one destined to lead me to fame in 2015, the one that will forever inherit the riches and rewards of my well deserved photographic legacy.

Leave your vote in the comments. The three options are: Geoff Alan Evans, Lawrence Taylor Jennings or Taylor Evans Winningham. Please vote for your favorite name to guarantee my photographic stardom in 2015.

About the author: Stan Banos has been photographing since the ’70s, and is still using a Nikon, Tri-X and a 20mm. He’s also been blogging for almost ten years now. To see more of his work or read more from Stan, head over to his website or follow him on his blog. This article originally appeared here.