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3 Month Time-Lapse Shows Pigeons Going From Eggs to Adults

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Back in June of 2014, YouTube user AvWuff noticed two pigeons and two eggs sitting in the flower box outside their window. Seeing an opportunity for an interesting project, AvWuff decided to set up a camera and capture the birth and growth of the baby pigeons.

A GoPro was the camera of choice for capturing the stills. The camera was mounted to the window, wired for continuous power, and then set up to snap one photograph every minute of every day for three months (the cameras had to be reset pretty often, causing some gaps in the timeline).

Once the images were captured, AvWuff combined the JPG images into a timelapse using Adobe Premiere. The result is a 4.5 minute video that shows the growth of two pigeons, starting from being in their eggs and up through becoming full grown young adults.

AvWuff notes that the video shows both the mother and the father pigeon. They take turns taking care of the young — the mom has smooth gray feathers and the dad has “splotchy” ones.

1 Comment