The Puzlook Case Attaches a Sliding Tile Puzzle of 5 Lenses Onto Your iPhone


This is… interesting. Attachable iPhone lenses and even lens-carousels are nothing new, but the puzlook case is a bit different. Unlike most of the options we’ve seen, the puzlook manages to pack 5 lenses onto your iPhone 5 or 5s using something like a sliding tile puzzle game as a mechanism.

In all, the first puzlook case (which came out in January of this year) gives you a fisheye lens, a 160° wide angle, a 120° wide angle, a 1.5x telephoto, an 8x macro (40x when you add in the 5x digital zoom of the camera), a tripod mount, and an 8GB memory stick that doubles as a stand.


The lenses on the puzlook are touted as ‘SLR quality’ (quite a claim… hope they’re ready to back it up), and you have the option between white, black, pink and silver options that you can attach to your iPhone.

Here’s a video intro to the case:

As you can see, it seems a bit bulky, but that comes with the territory when you pack a USB stick, tripod mount and 5 lenses onto a smartphone case.

The other pitfall we imagine is that quick lens switching isn’t really in the cards. It’s not a true puzzle game, of course, but it could potentially take you six sliding motions to get to the right lens, sort of defeating the whole convenience factor.

Still, it’s an interesting idea, and one that’s about to get a whole lot more interesting based on this video preview of the puzlook for the iPhone 6 and 6+:

If you want to find out more about this quirky smartphone photography add-on, or pick you own up for $100, head over to the puzlook website by clicking here.