Into Eternity: A Poignant Black & White Time-Lapse Dedicated to a Man Who Took His Life

In September of 2012, while shooting a long exposure series at the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, photographer Bruce Wayne saw a man take his own life. This experience weighing heavily on his mind, Wayne later set out to capture a long-exposure time-lapse of City Center Philadelphia that would paint the city in a darker light.

He wanted to shoot a time-lapse that might capture an inkling of, “what the city must have felt like and looked like” to the man on that fateful day.


The video above — poignant and powerful — is the result of that attempt. It’s a time-lapse darker than any we’ve seen before, dedicated to a man who Wayne never actually knew.

“Rarely when walking through the city do we look up and see the towering buildings above us,” he writes in the video’s description. “In this Time-lapse I wanted to capture what we don’t see. The last scene is where I saw the man take his own life.”


To learn more about this experience or see more of Wayne’s work, visit this blog post written just days after the experience in 2012. And if you’re struggling or need help, Wayne encourages you to please contact or 1-800-Suicide.