Photographing an Entire Wedding at ISO 5000 After Dark

In this video, wedding photographer Taylor Jackson takes you behind the scenes on one of the most stressful and challenging wedding photography scenarios you're likely to run into: shooting an entire wedding after dark, using ambient light.

An Easy Way to Compose Landscape Photos at Night

When you’re out taking nighttime landscape photos, one of the most difficult tasks is composing your photos exactly how you want. The reason? It’s simply too dark to see anything.

The Darkest Material on Earth is Now Even Darker

When the darkest material on Earth was announced back in 2014, photographers suggested that it could be used for everything from the ultimate non-reflective black backdrop to an art gallery in which the photos "pop." Well, that darkest material just got even darker.

Watch a Zeiss Batis Lens OLED Distance Display Glow in the Dark

Back in April, Zeiss announced its new Batis series of lenses -- a lineup that featured the world's first-ever OLED distance display rather than a physical distance indicator window. The new OLED screens can be easily read by photographers even in low (or no) light situations.

If you're wondering what the screens look like at night, check out the short clip above showing a screen glowing during a shoot in the dark.