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Famous Album Cover Portraits Come to Life in this Creative Music Video


Israeli director Vania Heymann has created a new music video that brings famous artists to life in their album cover photos. Shown above, it’s a video for the beatboxed song “Mayokero” by Israeli artist Roy Kafri. Rather than Kafri beatboxing, however, we’re treated with the wonderfully bizarre sight of the album covers making the music.


The realism you see is due to the fact that Heymann blended real faces into the album cover portraits — he found 14 different people who contributed their mouths to the project, which allowed Heymann to choose faces that blended the best into each musician’s face.

Heymann says he shot the project mostly with a Canon 5D Mark III using Magic Lantern and RAW mode. 3 of the shots were done with the Canon C500. The fancy editing work was done using Adobe After Effects.

(via Photoblog.hk)