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Refold: A Light and Portable Desk Made Entirely Out of Recycled Cardboard



When shooting on-location, bringing your desk along with you can be a drag. What you see above could change that. It’s Refold, a portable standing desk made entirely out of recycled cardboard.


Refold weighs only 14 pounds, is constructed of 7mm thick kraft cardboard, and is strong enough to support the weight of an “average man”. The team behind it wanted simplicity to be at the forefront of the design, so they built it in such a way that it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to assemble, all without the need for tape or glue. Everything just folds and slides into place.

Considering this is a standing desk, variation in height is inevitable, so to account for that, the Refold team has created three different sizes: small, medium and large, each of which is meant for those of the corresponding height.

Being cardboard, the desk is also capable of customization. The Refold team has already taken this into account and has teamed up with local New Zealand artist and illustrators, of which Gwil will be the first one with an exclusive design.


Refold has already secured its $25,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, so with the remaining 27 days it’s all about reaching those stretch goals. A pledge of approximately $125 will secure you a Refold if you live in New Zealand, but if you’re living elsewhere in the world, a single Refold will set you back roughly $250.

They aren’t exactly cheap, but if you’re looking for a portable, lightweight desk you can easily setup on-location, Refold looks like a pretty solid option.

Refold [Kickstarter via Laughing Squid]