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Fully Automatic Cardboard Photo Booth Yields Timeless Silver Gelatin Photos


Falling somewhere in the “really cool idea” category, this fully-automatic, working photo booth is made entirely out of cardboard. Everything from the outside to the gears, cogs and belts that make up the innards is all cardboard and 100% automatic. To use the machine all you have to do is insert your cardboard token and then sit perfectly still while the box exposes, develops and fixes a silver-gelatin photograph of you and yours.

Creator Julia Bradshaw hopes that this will help bring some of the mystery, magic and patience back to photography, especially for the young-ins out there. But whether or not it does that, there’s no denying that it does give you a healthy dose of is “cool,” or maybe “awesome.” Check out the video to see the booth in action or click here to head over to the Slow Photography site for more info.

(via DEVELOP Tube)