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Behind the Scenes: Hanging Out of Moving Car Windows to Captured Doggy Euphoria


Photographer Lara Jo Regan‘s photo series/book/calendar Dogs in Cars is a fun, tongues-out survey of the euphoria dogs experience on car rides.

We shared the series with you last year, but if you’ve been wondering how she managed to get such multi-dimensional images from such unique perspectives, she’s put together a great behind the scenes video that reveals both her lighting rig and how was she managed to safely hang out of moving car windows.

First, the lighting rig:



The homebrew wooden rig mounts on the car’s roof, and gives her several surfaces onto which she can attach strobes using the appropriate clamps. According to the video it can hold up to four lights at a time, explaining how she was able to “create rich dimensional lighting” while shooting the open window of a moving car.

Next, the harness:


Safety was, of course, of the utmost importance. She doesn’t suggest you do this at home, but she managed to ensure her own safety by strapping herself into the interior of the car using what looks to be a rock climbing harness, and wearing a helmet for good measure.

Which, of course, brings us to the final product:


You can see Regan at work by watching the video at the top. And after that, if you’d like to see more of the images she captured while hanging out car windows, check out our full coverage of the series or head over to the Dogs in Cars website where you can buy the calendar and book as well.

(via ISO 1200)