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Can You Spot a Fake Smile in a Photograph?



“Smile” is a common command uttered before pressing the shutter and snapping a photo, but it’s not always a real smile that gets captured in the resulting portrait. How well can you distinguish a “real” smile from a “fake” one in a picture?

In the two portraits above, which one is a genuine smile, and which one is more forced?

YouTube channel In59Seconds posted this short 1-minute (59-second, to be precise) video about this subject with a few example tests and a tip on how to improve your recognition skills:

Just remember, it’s all in the eyes.

For a slightly longer (3-minute) exploration of this subject, check out this video by Discovery News:

For some related advice, check out this tutorial on how to capture an authentic smile, and this guide on how to smile naturally yourself.

(via Doobybrain)