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‘No Likes Yet’ Lets You Browse Through Instagram Photos That Have Gotten No Love



There’s a new website that aims to rid the world of ‘un-liked’ Instagram photos. It’s called No Likes Yet and although its name may sound slightly condescending, the goal of the website is anything but.

When you visit the site you’ll be asked to log in using your Instagram profile. Once inside, you’ll be presented with a seemingly never-ending string of Instagram posts that are yet to attract a single like.

To entice you to like the forgotten posts, short messages appear as an overlay, sharing inspirational messages, such as “One small like for you…” and “Your one like is worth a million.”

If you’d prefer to have your ‘like’ karma slightly more personalized, No Likes Yet has you covered. Tap the “My Friends Posts” option in the top navigation and you will be presented with only the unloved posts of those you follow.


If your ego can truly take a beating, No Likes Yet also allows you to take a look at your own images that are yet to be liked. And while you can’t like your own post, the website allows you to send out a desperate tweet saying “Show some love to my Instagram photos that have never been liked.”

It’s an interesting little concept. Are all of the un-liked posts worth liking in reality? Maybe not. But it can never hurt to earn some brownie points with friends and strangers.

No Likes Yet (via Yahoo)