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Hand-Held ‘Bikerlapse’ Shows The Awesome Creative Potential of Instagram’s Hyperlapse App


Nathan Kaso — the professional time-lapse photographer behind this gorgeous Tasmanian car commercial — usually uses thousands of dollars worth of gear, but when Instagram debuted Hyperlapse, he had to give it a shot.

Thus was born ‘Bikerlapse,’ one of the first of many future hyperlapses that show just how much potential there is in this simple-yet-powerful little application.

To be completely honest, we’ve seen professional hyperlapses that don’t live up to this standard. And while, yes, it was a professional who shot this and it’s not the gear that counts, the fact that he was able to capture an engaging hyperlapse entirely hand-held using an iPhone app is pretty incredible.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 10.39.00 AM

Here are a few more details shared by Kaso himself:

The video quality is pretty lo-fi but that stabilization technology is nothing short of amazing. The whole video was shot hand-held, one hand to steer and one hand to hold the camera. All of the these shots are straight out of the app, with no post stabilization or effects.

I used a RØDEGrip iPhone mount for extra stability while shooting and an Arcadia USB power bank to keep my phone charged for the whole day.

But don’t take ours or his word for it, check out the video at the top and let Kaso take you on a time-lapse trip through Melbourne… one-handed.