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Curious Flower Fly Photobombs Engagement Ring Photo



Forget surgery, serendipity is the way to get a great engagement ring photo. Case in point: check out this awesome viral engagement ring shot by Reddit user kitten-little.

Believe it or not, this shot isn’t a composite and there’s no Photoshop involved; it’s just the result of a curious Hoverfly (aka. Flower Fly) who wanted to get a closer look at the bling and happen to do it just as the photo was being taken.

Not that the fly was short of beautiful views while crashing this engagement picnic:


For those of you who are curious, Hoverflies are kind of like harmless bee-mimickers. They also pollinate, but they don’t sting, are better flyers and have better eyesight than their similar looking but unrelated bumbly and waspy brothers. And this one, apparently, also has a thing for jewelry.

For our part, we’ll take it as a good omen and offer the newly-engaged couple, Tom and Becky, our well-wishes on their pending nuptials.

Image credits: Photographs by kitten-little and used with permission

P.S. If the Hoverfly doesn’t do it for you and you want to see a real Wasp photobomb, check out this shot from last year.