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This Selfie Toaster Can Burn Your Portrait Onto Your Morning Toast



Want further evidence of how far the concept of a “selfie” has spread in our culture? Look no further than this wacky Selfie Toaster by the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. Simply provide your favorite shot of your beautiful face, and the company will send you a toaster that can burn your likeness into toast for your morning meal.

The custom toaster above was created for Mashable editor Lance Ulanoff, who has published a detailed look at how these toasters are made.

After receiving a photograph, the toaster company prepares the image in Photoshop for 15-30 minutes, and then uses a computer-guided metal cutting machine to create a plate of your face. After finishing and polishing the plate, it’s inserted into a toaster where, once heated, it can impart your mug onto bread (two selfie slices per “load”, in fact).


If you want your own Selfie Toaster, you can start the ordering process by uploading your pic over on the company’s website. It’ll cost you a pretty penny though: each of these novelty toasters has a price tag of $75.

The Selfie Toaster [Vermont Novelty Toaster Company via Mashable]

P.S. For another example of toasting photos onto bread, check out The Image Toaster, which we featured in March of last year.

Image credits: Photographs by Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp./Galen Dively