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Brutal Face Scar Heals a Little Each Day in this ‘Selfie-a-Day’ Video with a Painful Twist


This isn’t your standard ‘take a selfie every day’ time-lapse. The typical photo-a-day creation is meant to show subtle changes in appearance happen quickly enough for us to notice them, but there’s nothing subtle about what happen to the gentleman in this video.

From what we can gather, part way through your run-of-the-mill portrait-a-day project, he had a glass smashed into his face “in [an] unprovoked assault by [a] random drunk man.” In other words, he got ‘glassed.’

The injuries he sustained were pretty gruesome, requiring reconstructive plastic surgery that left him looking like this immediately after the operation:


But he continued taking a picture every day using the iPhone app Everyday, documenting the amazing capabilities of the human body to stitch itself up once everything has been put right by a skilled surgeon. From the video’s description:

Video posted to show people that while damage after surgery/an assault may look bad initially, after months of healing the scars dramatically improve.

The video should offer some comfort to anybody going through serious healing right now. For the rest of us, it’s a pretty shocking twist on your normal selfie-a-day time-lapse that’ll probably catch you off guard even though you know it’s coming.

(via Reddit)