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The Inverse Square Law of Light Explained in Simple Terms for Photographers

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If the term “inverse square law of light” immediately sets you to hyperventilating as flashbacks of college physics begin playing in your mind’s eye, take a few breaths into that paper bag, calm down, and click play on the video above.

In 6 minutes, Karl Taylor will explain this law and how it affects you specifically as a photographer without overwhelming you in the process.

In simple terms, and with a straightforward example, Taylor shows you how moving a light further away from a group of people makes it possible to properly expose everybody (both the ones closest to and ones farthest away from the light), and why we have the inverse square law of light to thank for it.



It wouldn’t do to bog down such a simple explanation with a complicated summary, and so we’ll let the video do the talking from here out. Check it out at the top and drop you feedback down below.

(via Photography Bay)

1 Comment