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Incredible: National Geographic Introduces You to Whisper, the BASE Jumping Dog


GoPros seem to have captured every activity known to man, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a dog fly. The footage is part of a National Geographic feature on adrenaline junkie Dean Potter, who brings his dog Whisper along for every crazy ride.

An Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper and her owner — or should we say partner — go on daring adventures together, trekking through the mountains and hopping off rock formation at nausea–inducing heights. We can’t be 100% sure whether or not Whisper enjoys all of these daring adventures, but for the most part, the adventurous pup’s tail seems to be wagging the whole time.

The feature is only three minutes long, and both the interesting subject matter and the fantastic production value make it well worth the quick distraction from work. And once you’re done watching the video, you can learn more about Potter and Whisper by clicking here.

(via Picture Correct)