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New DxO Optics Pro 9.5 Features Complete Integration with Adobe Lightroom



Up until now, when exporting a RAW image from Lightroom to another program to work on, Lightroom first had to convert it to a JPEG or TIFF image. This effectively rendered shooting in RAW useless if you were wanting to do much outside editing on the images. Here to change that though is DxO with Optics Pro 9.5.

Deemed “the first workflow completely integrated with Lightroom,” the update to their flagship program will now allow you to process your RAW images from Lightroom, then import them back into Lightroom as a RAW .DNG format. This non-destructive workflow makes for a much more flexible collaboration with what is possibly the most widely-used organization and editing platform used by photographers.


From now through June 15th, DxO is offering up a special deal, selling Optics Pro 9.5 Standard Edition for $100 instead of $170, and Optics Pro 9.5 Elite Edition for $200 rather than $300. Be sure to head on over to their website to read more about the update and give Optics Pro 9.5 a trial download so you can try it for yourself.