Selfy Integrates Remote Trigger Into Phone and Tablet Cases

There are quite a few options in the form of applications and even other devices that will allow you to take photos with your phone via a remote, but none are quite as integrated as Selfy.

Created by iLuv, Selfy offers a unique approach to having a remote trigger for your phone by implementing the remote itself into a case. Currently available for the iPhone 5/5S, Galaxy S5, iPad Air and iPad Mini, Selfy utilizes Bluetooth to connect to your phone.

The beauty of Selfy is in the simplicity: other than initially pairing the devices by holding the remote’s trigger for four seconds, nothing more is needed. Simply pair, press, and you’re golden.


In addition to the case having a dedicated location for the remote, it’s also built with a square edge, allowing it to better stand up on its own. However, storing the remote and the deeper sides of the case comes at the cost of size and beauty. The design seems rather brute, focusing much more on function than form. But if results are what you’re after, Selfy delivers.

You can pick one up starting at $50 over on iLuv, which may be a bit pricey, but I have a feeling this product is an all-or-nothing type of deal — you’re either going to spend whatever it costs, or overlook it completely.

If you do end up purchasing one, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

(via Gizmodo)