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New Fujifilm Firmware Brings the X-T1’s EVF Performance and More to the X-E2



Fujifilm is making a name for itself as a company that truly supports the cameras it puts on the market. By delivering major firmware updates for existing models (even ones that have been discontinued and replaced) they make it less likely that people will upgrade, but simultaneously build fierce customer loyalty.

Today, Fuji continues down this road with firmware 2.0 for the X-E2: a major update that brings the X-T1’s nearly no-lag EVF performance and more to the older shooter.

This update makes four substantial improvements to the X-E2, the main being improved lag time and frame rate for the EVF. Like the X-T1 viewfinder, the EVF on the X-E2 now features a lag time of just 0.005 seconds and the frame rate has been improved both overall and in low-light conditions.


The remaining three improvements are: selectable colors in focus peaking, added options for the Fn buttons & customizable AE/AF buttons, and a Suppressed Flash option that allows you to keep the flash from firing even if the subject is poorly lit.

You can read about all of these improvements in detail over at the Fujifilm Press Center, and if you have an X-E2 we highly suggest you hop over to this link and download this update right away.