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Dropbox Launches Carousel: An All-In-One Photo Archive and Sharing Application


During an event yesterday morning, Dropbox announced a new photo application called Carousel. Meant to be a photo and video archive and sharing platform that uses the images stored within your Dropbox, it seems the company is trying to think outside the box in their latest endeavors.

Acting as an integrated part of your Dropbox system, Carousel can store as many photos and videos as your Dropbox account limit permits. From the app, you can browse through your photos one year, month, day, or event at a time.

But Carousel doesn’t just give you a good-looking platform to browse through your images. The app also allows you to privately share your original photos and videos with friends and family through either email or phone number, regardless of whether or not the person you’re sending them to has a Dropbox account.




It’s an interesting branch–out from what Dropbox is more ubiquitously known for — namely, a cloud-based storage solution — but it’s one that goes hand–in–hand with their current offerings when you think about it. And despite its more private, less social approach to storing, viewing and sharing images, Carousel still places Dropbox as a competitor to services like Facebook, Google+, and many others.

After playing around with Carousel myself for a while, I can agree with Dropbox that it’s “one place for all your memories.” Akin to searching through your timeline on Facebook, browsing through years and years of photos stored on Dropbox with Carousel is a wonderfully fun experience boiled down into a well-designed app.

Carousel can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS by following the corresponding links.