Canon Is Allegedly Charging Customers To Repair Known Issues With Gear


Last week, we told you about an internal memo published by Canon Rumors that supposedly revealed Canon’s 1D X (and likely 1D C) cameras were having autofocusing issues in sub-freezing temperatures. But it seems that might have only been the tip of the internal service memo iceberg.

Yesterday, CR revealed that the same source had sent in many more internal documents from Canon that seem to indicate the Japanese company is charging customers $250-$450 for repairs on lenses with known issues out of warranty. The rumor site explains that these documents shed light on issues present throughout a handful of Canon gear, noting in great detail the 1D X’s mirror issues alone.

CR still hasn’t decided whether or not they want to publish these documents (you can weigh in on that debate here) so there are still too many unknowns to definitively accuse anyone of anything. But if Canon really does know about issues that it is deciding to keep to itself, simply passing on the cost to consumers, then the company could be in for some PR problems.