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From Bottles to Wall Art: Adorn Your Walls with Prints Made from Recycled Bottles



Photography is one of the most powerful ways that ecological messages are transmitted. Photo series of landfills show us the issues we need to address, while beautiful landscape photography shows us what we should strive to preserve. But a UK company called Co2ncience is going a step further.

They’re actually merging eco-friendliness with photography in a very tangible way, by being the world’s first (by their estimation) to turn recycled plastic bottles into wall art.

Co2nscience founder Stuart Jones got in touch with us directly to tell us about this project, and his excitement is palpable. As he explains on the project’s Kickstarter page:

We are passionate about the planet and innovation, so when we came up with the idea to re-use discarded plastic bottles and turn them into stunning wall art we knew we’d hit on something unique and exciting!

Stretcher Print is a world-first recycled wall print, like nothing else – we have so much to tell you, and we really hope you can be part of our exciting journey…

And speaking of what they have to tell you, here’s the campaign’s Kickstarter video so you can get a feel for the project and the ‘stretcher prints’ they create:

The ultimate hope is that this will create a huge demand for recycling plastic bottles, and satisfying this demand will mean almost none of them end up in landfills. Obviously that goal is a ways off, but everybody has to start somewhere and so Co2nscience is asking for your help raising 12,000 GBP (about $20,000 USD) so that they can put 140,000 plastic bottles to better use.

Those bottles will become what Jones calls Stretcher Prints, a “totally unique wall print product” that will come in four different shapes: The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Adventurer and The Stargazer.


Each of these prints makes use of 4 to 22 recycled plastic bottles, and we could definitely see businesses, hotels and your typical consumer jumping on these and adorning their walls with some unique, eco-friendly accouterments.

And if you don’t have your own images you’d like to get printed, you can always pick from Co2nscience’s off-the-shelf range that includes everything from panoramic landscapes to cycling photography by some very talented UK-based photographers.


Of course, all of this is wishful thinking if the funding doesn’t come in. The company has thus far raised almost £8,500, but they need that last 3,500 in the next nine days if this is going to go forward.

If you’re interested in supporting the project you can still take advantage of the company’s early bird specials to get a small, medium or large Pioneer, Adventurer or Stargazer print for only $83, $108 or $135 (that’s including the shipping charge if you’re outside the UK).

To learn more about the project, put down your pledge or see more examples of what these stretcher prints look like up close, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page by clicking here.