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Small DIY Camera Stabilizer that Won’t Hurt Your Pocket, Literally and Metaphorically


DIYCamera Stabilizer

When it comes to stabilizing your camera on the go, there are quite a few options out there. However, they tend to come at the cost of size or price, neither of which is appealing to many. That’s where the DIY “Stringpod” will help you.

Making use of a stabilization method most of us have seen before, Instructable user inspiredwood turned to plywood, string, a rubber band, a bolt and standard tools to get this little contraption finished at extremely minimal cost.

To briefly summarize the process: he first cuts a predefined bow-tie shape into 9mm plywood. Then he drills a hole in the wood where he inserts the nylon string, followed by the bolt (which pulls the string through). He then secures the bolt and string in place, and the process is all but complete.


All that’s left from there is to simply wrap the string around the plywood and you have yourself a cheap, portable DIY camera stabilizer on the go.

It’s a neat little project and although I’d suggest a different color of rope so as to not make yourself standout any more than you already will when using this contraption, it doesn’t look half bad. It’s not exactly elegant, but it definitely takes care of both the size and cost factor that many other options present.

Of course, my summary isn’t going to do much towards getting you looking perfect, so if you’re interested in building one for yourself, head on over to the Instrucables post below and check out the detailed step-by-step.

Cheap Simple Tripod For Your Pocket [Instructables via Lifehacker]