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Time-Lapse Captures Just How Close of a Call Tuesday’s Mission Bay Fire Really Was


Firefighters in Mission Bay, San Francisco found themselves taking on raging five-alarm inferno on Tuesday when a $227 million apartment development caught fire. The time-lapse above shows just how close the fire came to spreading to adjacent buildings or the nearby Financial District, held off by 150 skilled firefighters putting their lives in danger.

On Wednesday, San Francisco Fire Division Chief David Franklin told the San Jose Mercury News that the fire still hadn’t been completely contained, and two fire fighters had suffered injuries — thankfully both will recover fully — while fighting the blaze.

The time-lapse itself was put together by Sacramento-based freelance video production specialist Jake Durrett, and like the Yosemite Rim Fire time-lapse before it, shows the power of time-lapse when it’s put to photojournalistic use.

(via Imaging Resource)