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Photog Gives Light Back to the World with ‘Painting With Lights’ Street Art Project


What happens when the concept of graffiti as we know it is flipped on its head? Well, I believe you end up with something like ‘Painting with Lights,’ a project by French photographer Philippe Echaroux — something he calls ‘Street Art 2.0.’

Combining the idea of light painting and graffiti, Echaroux turns everyday scenery and landscapes into beautiful, thought-provoking, and — arguably most importantly — temporary pieces of light art.


Using a projector hooked up to a computer and a portable generator, Echaroux and his small crew shine photographs of his on buildings, trees, geological formations and anything else that’ll work, really.

The concept behind this started out as something “simple,” according to Echaroux. As photographers we’re always taking light to make images. Through this project, his goal was to give some light back to the world in the form of art that’s “real” and “touchable.”








The project is quite stunning, as you can see from the images above. He’s even grabbed the attention of a few celebrities for it, specifically Zinedine Zidane, the famed Juventus and Real Madrid soccer player who you might (sadly) know best for the world cup headbutting incident.

To see more of this work, you can browse through a gallery of the resulting photographs of his projections over on the Painting With Lights page.

Image credits: Photographs by Philippe Echaroux and used with permission