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All Those Hours Editing on Your Computer Aren’t Actually Ruining Your Eyesight


If you’re worried that spending hours upon hours staring at a computer post-processing thousands of photos will damage your eyeballs, rest assured: it won’t. And the video above by the folks at DNews explains why that is.

Admittedly, the video focuses more on the myth that sitting too close to the Television screen will ruin your eyesight, but the same conclusions can be applied to computer screens… something we as photographers spend a lot of time in front of. It’s also doubly important to us because our vision means a great deal professionally.


The only thing that many hours in front of the computer screen WILL do is lead to what’s called eye strain. But while this can be painful and cause problems, even prolonged eye strain won’t cause permanent damage to your eyes. Just try to look at something far away every 20 minutes or so when you’re on an editing binge and it’ll help keep your eyes from getting tired.

To hear the full story on this old myth, with scientific references and interesting background information thrown in there for you trivia types, check out the video at the top… and then look away for a few minutes.

(via Lightroom)