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ABC Delves Into the Love Stories of HONY for Valentine’s Day

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We realize it’s February 16th, but it’s hard for us to pass up an opportunity to watch Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York at work. And so, two days removed from Valentine’s Day, we give you the love stories of HONY as told by ABC News this last Friday when they featured Stanton as their person of the week.

There’s probably no need to waste your time by introducing HONY all over again (find out about the project here) or summarizing the contents of a video you can simply click play on and watch for yourself, so we won’t.


Whether you’re looking for a little bit of touching footage or more behind the scenes footage of an always confident Stanton walking up to complete strangers without so much as a moment of hesitation or nervousness, check out the video at the top.

Also, feel free to link to any of your favorite HONY love stories that you feel ABC missed. That could make for a fun comments section!

(via ABC News)

1 Comment