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PhotoShelter’s Photog’s Outlook on 2014 Survey is Packed Full of Interesting Info

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Despite all of the crazy gloom and doom talk that tends to circulate in the photography industry, it seems us photographers are still an optimistic bunch.

PhotoShelter has just released their “Photographer’s Outlook on 2014 Survey,” and besides being chock full on interesting and useful tidbits about who to follow and what to read (we’re proud to say PetaPixel made the most-read blogs list!), it also showed that photographers have a very positive perspective on the upcoming year.

From pros to amateurs, everyone was covered in this survey that counted responses from a total of over 5,700 photographers worldwide to questions like, “Have you ever made money from your photography?,” “Do you plan to invest money to improve your photography skills in 2014?,” “In 2014, do you expect to make more or less than you did in 2013?,” “Who are the most inspirational photographers?” and “Which blogs do you read?”

You can get the full guide for free by following this link (and we definitely recommend that you do so), but here are some TL;DR highlights for you:

  • 75% of pros asked said they expected to make MORE money in 2014 than 2013
  • 84% of enthusiasts say they’ve made money from photography, and 79% say they plan to invest money in improving their skills in 2014
  • The most inspiring photographer according to the survey is Joe McNally
  • Other photographers who made the most inspirational list include: David Hobby, Trey Ratcliff, Peter Hurley, Jeremy Cowart, Greg Heisler, Peter Hurley and many more
  • Most followed blogs included: PetaPixel (yay!), Strobist, Popular Photography, Fstoppers, SLR Lounge and the NYT Lens Blog (among others)

We obviously can’t include all of the info here, that’s why there’s a guide, so if you want more information click here to pick up the guide for yourself. And for the full list of the most inspirational photographers and most read blogs, head over to PhotoShelter’s summary post here.

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