Captivating Slow Motion Macro Footage of a Match Head Catching Fire

When we shared photographer Adam Magyar’s talk in which he describes the techniques he used to capture the mesmerizing photos and footage in his portfolio, he said ‘everything looks cool in slow-motion.’ And even though he’s probably right, we would add an Orwellian addendum to that statement: ‘but some things look cooler than others.’

That’s the case with this macro footage of a match head lighting on fire, which was captured at 4,000fps by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and founder of UltraSlo, Alan Teitel.

The video speaks for itself, but it’s worth noting the crazy amount of light that Teitel had to aim at this match head in order to capture such a tight shot. According to the video’s description, over 2,000 watts of light were placed within four inches of the match — along with mirrors and reflectors, too — in order to properly illuminate everything.

(via Gizmodo)