Star Wars Inaugurates Instagram Account with Darth Vader Selfie

ScreenHunter_238 Dec. 04 11.14

What do you do when you’re not busy destroying rebel planets, choking out generals and dealing with traumatizing father issues? Why, you grab a quality selfie and upload it to Instagram of course.

At least that’s how Lucasfilm/Disney decided to launch its new Star Wars Instagram account this week: by posting a fun shot of Darth Vader snapping a selfie from the body-strewn corridor of a spaceship. Accompanying caption: “Another day at the office.”

ScreenHunter_237 Dec. 04 11.13

Described as “the official home of Star Wars on Instagram,” @starwars already had more than 150,000 followers by early Wednesday. The widely reposted Vader shot had some 47,000 likes and counting. Favorite comments so far:

  • “I wonder if it’s an Android phone.”
  • “Good pic, but a bit on the dark side.”
  • “I find your lack of photo border disturbing.”

Disney acquired the “Star Wars” brand last year and is hard at work on an Episode VII, expected to arrive in theaters in 2015. Behind-the-scenes photos added to the Instagram account suggest it could become a major outlet for hints about the next film, assuming Luke, Leia and Han don’t clutter the feed with their own selfies…

(via Los Angeles Times)