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Please Draw Me a Wall: Creative Photos of People Interacting with Graffiti



French photographer Julien Coquentin‘s series Please Draw Me a Wall is a curious combination of street art and photography. By having his subjects (sometimes himself) interact with wall art as if it were real, he creates fantasy worlds using only a few props and drawings that some call art and others defacement.

37-year-old Coquentin only got into photography in 2007, but each year since he has had at least one exhibition. His work ranges from the whimsical series you see here to more serious project like his series Green Wall, which sheds light on issues with deforestation and indigenous rights in Malaysia.

It also wasn’t long ago we featured another of his well-known series, dubbed Early Sunday Morning, in which Coquentin captured the feel of winter mornings in Montreal.

Please Draw Me a Wall doesn’t concern itself with issues of reality, however. Instead, the characters in the photos — most often a little girl — are transported into an imaginative wall art world:







This series reminds us a bit of Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu’s photos of his 4-year-old daughter Kanna. You can browse through those here.

To see more of Coquentin’s work, be sure to head over to his website or visit his Bēhance page by clicking on the corresponding links.

(via Junkculture)

Image credits: Photographs by Julien Coquentin