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Major League Baseball Game Delayed by Annoying Camera Phone User


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Attention amateur concert photographers: are you really being as annoying and disruptive as you could be? Because an attendee at a Major League Baseball game may have just set a new high/low at a recent Tampa Bay Rays home game.

Last week, a fan inside the Tropicana Dome was determined to capture every moment of the game with her smartphone. In order to do this properly, she chose to leave the flash turned on to, you know, even out the lighting in the 41,000-seat shed … or something like that.

As the fan was seated right behind home plate, the visiting Los Angeles Angels had a little problem with the random bursts of light throwing off their timing on defense. The coach huddled with the umpire and, after a brief delay of the game, the umps had ushers track down the offender and ask her to turn off the flash and/or phone in one of the most public gadget fails ever.

The game resumed — the culprit showing not the slightest bit of embarrassment — and the Angels went on to win the game 2-0.

The question now is how this might affect MLB rules. The home team can be forced to forfeit if fans seriously disrupt a game, so should there be some lesser penalty for egregious camera misuse?

Random iPhone-toting fan gets to visit the home locker room? Opposing pitcher gets three tosses to try to knock the camera out of the offender’s hands? Away team players get a copy of Instagram’s ultra-secret “‘Roid Rage” filter? All of the above? We’ll let you be the judge.

(via Fansided)