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They Get Younger All the Time: Meet Fuji, the 3-Year-Old Photographer



His name is Onafujiri Remet and he is a street photographer from Lagos, Nigeria. His work was just featured in his very first photographic exhibition. He is handsome, he shoots Sony and… he is 3 years old. That’s right, 3 years old.

According to CNN, little “Fuji,” as he is known by family and friends, comes from a family of creatives, one of which is his older sister, Onarietta, who herself, is a photographer. She looks to be about ten.

I love all of little Fuji’s images, but I think my favorite is a shot showing him hard at work, cap on backwards, camera strap hanging down to his bottom, face focused on getting the shot.


Fuji’s father, Pius Kugbere Remet, credits his talents with growing up in a house filled with creativity. “The creative home environment with unquestioned access to series of cameras is a key factor [in his interest in photography].”

A photograph made by Fuji
A photograph made by Fuji (the boy, not the camera company)

“Unquestioned access to cameras.” Wow, those are some trusting parents. I freak out when my children want to play with my iPhone.

Check out Fuji’s work over on CNN here and here. You can find photographs from Fuji’s exhibition over at Sipa Press.

Image credits: Photographs by Sunlili and Onafujiri “Fuji” Remet