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PhotoShelter Unveils Overhauled ‘Beam’ Portfolio Sites



The leading photography portfolio service PhotoShelter (also known for their sales and marketing tools for photogs) today announced the launch of their overhauled and much improved portfolio sites and tool suite, dubbed ‘Beam.’

Presently in beta, Beam is an API-based platform that promises to allow photographers to “showcase their images at their best on nearly any device.” Not only that, Beam is designed to be flexible, allowing for rapid expansion of template designs, tools, and the inclusion of third-party integrations.


“This new platform offers exciting and innovative portfolio designs that photographers will find worthy of their best images,” says Andrew Fingerman, CEO at PhotoShelter. “We’ve dedicated years to building online business and marketing tools that enable photographers to streamline their workflow. As technology advances and affects how clients find and view images, we are helping the photography community keep pace with the launch of Beam.”


Beam launches with four stunning portfolio designs (which includes a full-bleed image presentation, a responsive photo wall, a minimalist, and basic display) — built using HTML5 and CSS3 — that are made to scale to what ever device you’re using. In other words, you could go from a 24-inch display to your mobile phone’s 4-inch display and still see a beautiful site design with appropriately-sized imagery. Users can also easily integrate popular services such as Instagram, Vimeo, WordPress, and Tumblr.



Further, Beam is bundling in real-time editing capabilities that will let users make both basic and more complex website edits on-the-fly — no coding experience needed.

It’s not all about the looks, though. What sets Beam apart from traditional folio sites is that Beam incorporates PhotoShelter’s business and workflow tools that allow for the archive, selling, and delivering photos to potential customers.

PhotoShelter_Robin Moore

Beam is available to PhotoShelter users with Standard or Pro memberships beginning today. The company, as part of the launch, is offering weekly webinars on the service and says they’re planning to add more portfolio designs in the near future.

Learn more about PhotoShelter’s Beam and see example sites on the official site.