Why You Should Follow the US Interior Department on Instagram


You’ve heard us mention the US Department of the Interior once before, in reference to Travis Roe’s awesome Grand Canyon lightning strike photo that went viral a couple of months ago. One of the department’s goals is to get people interested in visiting different areas of the United States, and they do this by sharing some of the most beautiful photos they come across.

Roe’s photo went viral after the Interior Department shared it on their Facebook page, but if you really want a great overview of beautiful US imagery, the department’s Instagram account is the way to go.

According to Mashable, the department has had the account for about a year now. A combination of iPhone and DSLR imagery, most of it is taken by Department staff. When they do run across a random photo they would like to share, Director of Digital Strategy Tim Fullerton was quick to tell Mashable that they make sure to “ask explicit permission.”

Here are a few of the photos you’ll see if you head over to the department’s Instagram account:









Now that Instagram has integrated video, Fullerton is excited to take advantage, saying that they’ve already gotten a “positive response” from the few videos they already have up.

To see more of the US Department of the Interior’s photography and check out some of those early experiments with video, head over to their Instagram account by clicking here.

(via Mashable)