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In Saturn’s Rings: A 4K Film Made Entirely from Real NASA Photographs


The tagline for the 2014 IMAX movie In Saturn’s Rings simply states: “This is Real.” And it’s a tagline that bears repeating to yourself over and over again as you watch the preview footage above.

A fly-through put together from over one million real photographs — many taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft — the movie promises to contain zero CGI. And above, we have the first teaser for the film, available in 4K as long as your monitor can handle it.

The movie is being put together as a non-profit projet by creator Stephen van Vuuren, and we showed you the first glimpse at what he was working on all the way back in May of 2011. Now it’s more than two years later, and the final film has a teaser trailer and a tentative release date of Spring, 2014.

An example of the kinds of images van Vuuren has to work with from Cassini
An example of the kinds of images van Vuuren has to work with from Cassini

As it says on the film’s website: “This is not visual effects or CGI. This is not ‘based on’ scientific data. This IS the actual scientific data. Over one million photographs from space, from history, processed, stitched and animated to full motion. This is real.”

To learn more about In Saturn’s Rings, the photos that it is being made from and much more, head over to the film’s website by following this link.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photograph by NASA