Triggertrap Introduces New Flash Adapter and Speedy App Update


You may remember Triggertrap from our coverage of it a little over a year ago. The iOS app, which has since made its way to Android as well, acted as a “jack of all trades” camera trigger that offered more than 12 different triggering options.

Several of those options — such as the sound and motion triggers — were geared towards high-speed photography, and a new update and flash adapter from the Triggertrap team are primed to take the app’s high-speed photo capabilities to the next level.

The stated goal of the update/flash adapter combo is to “simplify high-speed photography for all skill levels.” To that effect, the updated app shortens the high-speed response time from an already fast 60 milliseconds, to as low as 5 milliseconds.

Pair that with the all-new Triggertrap Flash Adapter, which can handle up to two flash guns at a time, and you can get results that look something like this:



To get the best results (like the ones above), you’ll want to use two flashes whenever possible, and ramp down the flash power as low as it can go. Once you have the settings right, just plug in the Flash Adapter to the new and improved mobile app and set the app to, say, sound.

You can then darken the studio (or room) and take a long exposure. The only thing that should come out is the light captured by the flash, which will happen as quickly as 5 milliseconds after the app has been triggered.

Here’s a quick demo by Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps that shows you just how much better this set-up works for high-speed photography:

If you already use Triggertrap (and you have a couple of speedlights sitting around), you’ll only need to purchase the flash adapter for $30 to set this up yourself. For those who have never used Triggertrap, you’ll also want to download the free app off of Google Play or the iTunes App Store, and purchase the $30 dongle/release cable combo that fits your camera (over 300 cameras are supported).

For more info on the app and how it can help you to create everything from high-speed photos to hyperlapses to start trail photos, check out our previous coverage or head over to the Triggertrap website here.

Image credits: Strawberry Cream Milk by Chris Martino and Balloon Splash by Gabe Toth.