Abstract Photos Created by Repeating Everyday Household Items

38_nickalbertsonenvelopes2012 copy

To imitate photographer Nick Albertson‘s work, you’ll need a camera, household items purchased in bulk, and an eye for the beautiful and abstract. Take a look at Albertson’s project titled “Work in Progress,” and you’ll find photographs of things such as rubber bands, straws, and napkins. They don’t look like your everyday objects, though: Albertson turns them into works of art by carefully arranging them into repeating patterns.

Albertson says that his goal is to “strip utilitarian objects of their functions, repurposing them to create visceral experiences.” By doing this, things that would otherwise be rather dull to look at can be made to have a “powerful aesthetic impact” on the viewer.

The photograph above shows simple white envelopes neatly arranged on a surface. Here are some photos of rubber bands and elastic hair bands:

1_20120413-01combinedsquooshed copy

38_nickalbertsonhairelasticbands12013 copy

38_nickalbertsonrubberbands22012 copy

Here are two different arrangements of plastic drinking straws:

38_nickalbertsonstraws22013 copy

38_nickalbertsonstraws12012-1 copy

Napkins and toilet paper have their own looks:

38_nickalbertsontoiletpaper2012 copy

38_nickalbertsonwhitenapkins2012 copy

38_nickalbertsonpinknapkins2012 copy

Transparent sandwich bags look pretty neat when spread out on a surface and made to overlap:

38_nickalbertsonsandwichbags2012 copy

Metal clothes hangars and paper clips have a similar aesthetic:

38_nickalbertsonhangers2012 copy

38_nickalbertsonpaperclips2012 copy

Paper plates arranged in a corner:

38_nickalbertsonpaperplates2013 copy

And finally, masking tape arranged in lines on a surface:

38_nickalbertsonmaskingtape2013 copy

Albertson is making his work available for sale as 32×40-inch prints. You can contact him through his website if you’d like info on pricing and ordering.

Photographs by Nick Albertson (via Resource Magazine)

Image credits: Photographs by Nick Albertson and used with permission