Adobe Photoshop CC Has Apparently Been Cracked One Day After Launch


It truly is a cat and mouse game between software developers and software pirates. It’s been that way for years. So when a company like Adobe decides to change up their entire business model to subscription-based to curb the piracy of their professional-grade product suite, you would expect it to take a fair amount of time before the pirates managed to find a workaround.

Perhaps not the case, at least according to a torrent link uploaded today to The Pirate Bay (one of the largest torrent-tracking sites on the Internet). Just one day following the official launch of Photoshop CC, the software has apparently been cracked and available for downloading illegally.

The torrent is titled “Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0 Final Multilanguage” and was uploaded by someone named Ching Liu. According to comments left by some Pirate Bay users, the software appears to be the real deal.


Upon installation of the desktop software, Adobe requires the end user’s computer to be connected to the Internet to verify the Creative Cloud subscription status. That would suggest that software pirates have found a means to bypass this authorization (not a huge surprise, if true).

These desktop applications connect back to Adobe’s servers every month to re-validate a customer’s subscription status, so whether or not this is a long-term solution for pirates remains to be seen.

It could potentially be a huge blow to Adobe’s “stop-piracy” ambitions, but with Photoshop being one of the most pirated software in the world, this may not be a game software developers like Adobe can win (yet).

Disclaimer: We do not, in any form, condone software piracy.