Google Announces Full Resolution Photo Uploads for Google+


A couple of weeks ago, we shared a hack by photographer Trey Ratcliff that allowed you to upload your photos to Google+ at full resolution by using Google Drive. Android users could already upload full-sized photos from their phone, the hack simply allowed desktop users to do the same.

Fortunately, the hack is no longer necessary now that Google has caught on and integrated the ability right into Google+ itself.

All you need to do to start uploading photos greater than the previous maximum 2,048 pixels across is go into your Google+ settings and check “Upload my photos at full size.” Once this is done, any photo you upload, regardless of resolution, will go up without you needing to change URLs or mess with anything.


Just like the hack, however, there is a catch. Uploads higher in resolution than the previous max will count against the 5GB of free storage Google offers for this and Google Drive. If you plan on uploading more than 5GB of high-res photography, you’ll need to buy more storage at $2.50 a month for 25GB, $5 a month for 100GB, and so on and so forth all the way up to a 16TB max.

The update is another welcome addition for pros and enthusiasts alike that are becoming more and more impressed with Google’s commitment to photography as time goes on. And with pan and zoom capabilities now well established, full-res photos will be particularly fun to browse on Google’s social network.

(via Jon Emerson via Engadget)