Give Your DSLR a Brain by Connecting an Android Phone

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Here’s a walkthrough of how I hooked up my Android phone to my DSLR. Why did I do this? Because of Dropbox, social media, quick editing for the web, an intervalometer, macro/low-angle photography, an external LCD screen for video, Wi-Fi, and more.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

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Connect the camera to the phone using the USB OTG cable and choose one of installed apps:

phonemounted-3 copy

CapCam is a great for tablets but also work well on smartphones.

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The most interesting feature of CamCap is that photos shot using the DSLR will automatically be saved to your phone.

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…and that gives us endless possibilities for things like… Wi-Fi file transfers:

phonemounted-6 copy


phonemounted-7 copy

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DSLR Controller (which only works for Canon EOS cameras) provides a LiveView for photos and video. This is great for low-angle shots and for quick overview with pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-focus feature.

phonemounted-9 copy

To attach the phone to the camera I use a standard hot shoe mount adapter and a modified phone holder for tripods.

That’s a taste of what you can do when you combine your Android phone/tablet with your DSLR.

About the author: Maciej Pietuszynski is a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. Visit his blog here and his Facebook page here. This article originally appeared here.