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Take An Annual Getaway and Rediscover Your Addiction to Photography


Each year, photographer and cinematographer Toby Lockerbie gets away for a couple of weeks to shoot something challenging and “rediscover the magic” of his art. This year, he went to Norway to exercise his love of “shoot[ing] lights in the dark.”

Hardware-wise, he used a Canon 5D Mark III and Panasonic GH2, with some help from a Pocket Dolly, electraDRIVE motor and an Oracle controller for the time-lapse shots. But the technical beauty of the footage isn’t what the above video is about.

It’s a mini-documentary that chronicles the why behind what he does as a photographer. Sixteen days in snowy Norway yielded only six hours of clear skies, but that was enough. Because photography, “it’s an addiction.” And when you capture that elusive shot, “it’s magic.”

(via Doobybrain)