The Sartorialist Sits Down with Legendary Photographer Steve McCurry

Scott Schuman, known better as fashion photographer “The Sartorialist,” is currently four of five parts through a fascinating interview with legendary Magnum photographer Steve McCurry. We’ll add the fifth video as soon as it goes up, but for now, each of these short 2-4 minute talks offers plenty of wisdom to get you through the day (or week… or maybe month).

We’ve shared many documentary style videos that show both The Sartorialist and McCurry at work on streets all over the world, but the great thing about these interviews is that Schuman poses the types of questions that you yourself may have always wanted to ask a photography legend such as McCurry.

Each part covers a couple of questions, all of them dealing in one form or another with how McCurry manages to do what he does.

In Part 1, they discuss how McCurry deals with sub-par lighting conditions on the street. Part 2 focuses on the photographers that inspired the man who has been an inspiration to so many, and how he would like to have his photos remembered in years to come.

Parts 3 and 4 then take a look at McCurry’s process (i.e. from observing cultural codes when shooting in foreign countries to the amount of time he spends out with his camera) and how he deals with the pressure of finding that next picture.

Each part offers up plenty of wisdom and great insight, but be sure to visit The Sartorialist or McCurry’s website to see more. And if you do happen to pass by McCurry’s site, don’t forget to scroll through a piece of history and see the results of his time with the last ever roll of Kodachrome film.

(via ISO 1200)

Update: As promised, here’s the fifth and final part: