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Photojojo University: Learn the Basics of Snapping Photos With Your Phone



Smartphones are being used more and more to capture daily life photography, but many of its loyal users are perpetually stuck at the point-and-shoot level of photographic know-how. If that describes you, and you’d like to add a little more technical understanding to your brain, Photojojo has a new service designed just for you. It’s called Photojojo University, a new educational service that teaches you photography lessons through bite-sized tutorials and assignments delivered into your email inbox.

There’s currently one lesson called Phoneography 101. It’s a 4-week course designed to teach you the fundamental principles of shooting with your phone (beyond simply pressing that digital shutter button, that is).

Signing up for the course involves simply providing your name and email, and then choosing one of three professors: a dude named Professor PJ, a stack of pancakes, or a basket of kittens. Hmmm…


Once you sign up, you’ll receive confirmation and instructions to get your phone and your hands ready:


Shortly afterward, the first lesson will arrive in your mailbox. As you can see from the format/layout, the course itself is designed to be consumed through your phone (on your computer it will feel very narrow):


Don’t expect to learn professional techniques or advanced technical details. The course is designed to provide basic foundations for those who are just dipping their toes into the wonderful world of photography.

Among the things that are covered through the 4 weeks are camera basics, composition, lighting, experimental techniques, creative effects, photographic tools, editing, and sharing.


At the end of the lessons are challenges that allow you to practice and apply the things learned in the lesson:


The course is priced at $10, but is currently being offered at a special introductory price of $5 (with a free $5 Photojojo Store gift card).